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OFFICIAL @CatmountainTX

The “half lap” trail entrance off Stoneypoint Drive is *NO LONGER* open.

Please do not attempt to reopen or utilize this entrance under any circumstances. This was a special entrance that went through a private residence’s yard on Stoneypoint drive. We really appreciate how long this entrance was available to us but that time has come to a close

Nothing bad happened specifically, but too much people traffic was happening and the members of that community grew tired of it so we will respect their wishes and start re-utilizing the single track climb trail to access the half lap trails

Cat Hater
Frisky Whiskers
6 feet
Leopard Yoga Pants

Delinquent use of this closed trail entrance may result in permanent ban from the trail system

New signage will be added to trail system to direct riders to original single track climb trail for half lap access

Thank you!
– @sethbuckgnar