FR512RHR. “Out With The Old” Build/Ride Saturday March 25th

Weather looks good for Saturday. We’re looking for help with extracting the old wood feature material from the woods and load into a trailer, which will be making several runs. Loading starts at 8am and will make runs until 1pm or so. Plenty of old feature wood is staged and ready to go, and more to pull from the woods. Then ride.

Ride Dirt Not Mud

Ride Dirt Not Mud

FR512 locations have received heavy rain during the storm last, and typically need a day to dry out. Lower parts of the lines at FR512RHR will need more than a day, including the last two kickers sets on Six Pac. Riding on a mud trail wrecks the trail. It leaves ruts, contributes to erosion and creates an unrideable, hard to fix, trail surface. If you are leaving a visible rut, the trail is too muddy to ride.

Last Kicker on Six Pac is New

Progression Session

To all riders who love the Six Pac Trail. Be aware the last kicker on Six Pack has been rebuilt, and back to what it was. Smooth pop. Same gap distance. Wider lander.

SHAKE DOWN Trail Update


Shake Down Trail update. Located at the FR512RHR location, the Intermediate progressive jump trail riders love so much. New dirt on the step up kicker over the creek, and two new wood kickers to dirt landers. If you’ve made it through the first four, you’ll want to have a look at these.



The jumps at FR512Church are cleaned up and running again. Trees/branches trimmed back on all lines. Stay tuned. More to come.

Fund: Cat Mnt Whale Tail Rebuild

Update: The 3rd generation of the Whale Tail is alive and well. Donations hit: $280. Share the post. Check out the Donate Button on the Freeride512 home page to make a bigger dent in the cost of that Whale.

The Iconic Whale Tail feature at CAT Mtn is in need of a rebuild. This will be the third gen of the Whale, and will be build solid for the long run. If you love that Whale, click that Donate button on the home page and contribute what you can. That new Whale will appreciate it. We’ll be at CAT Saturday September 3rd working on the build. The catch berm after the Whale will need work.

Hopadillo: Closed for maintenance

The Hopadillo Trail is closed for maintenance, and we’re making some changes.

Off Season: Summer 2022


Summer is the off season. We’re maintaining and riding most weekends during this time. We’ll be continuing the progression, builds and having more airbag sessions once the weather cools off.

Air Bag Session: Saturday. March 26th, 2022. 11am-5pm

Giving back to the Freeride 512 Members for all of their support, we’re having another Air Bag Session.  Be sure to get your FR512 Membership Card, helmet (full face if you have one) and plastic pedals with plastic pins as they are required. (the air bag does not like metal pedal pins). We recommend knee pads and bring your dirt jumper bike if you have one. Trail bikes work too, just watch out for the derailleur.

Kicker:  The kicker ramp into the bag is 7 feet high, 10 foot radius, 70 degrees at the lip to provide plenty of air time to the bag.

Don’t have plastic pedals w/plastic pins?  A few options: WelgoRaceface.

Meet at the FR512 Park located at Rocky Hill Ranch accessible by the back gate off Arrowhead Dr. Bring: bikes, drinks/grub. You must have a Freeride512 waiver filed online with us to participate. Membership


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Rock Hill Ranch
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