50 Shades Of Grey is partially back online. 50 Shades Of Grey is partially back online....

50 Shades Of Grey [ skinnies section ] is partially back online.

50 Shades Of Grey [ skinnies section ] is partially back online. Shake n Bake & 50 Shades Of Grey [ Waterfall Step and high ladder ] at the Fr512 Rocky Hill Ranch location are currently closed for repairs. We'll post an update once it's back online.


FR512RHR, Last One Out, Lock The Gate, ALWAYS.

Attention FR512 riders. The back gate at RHR continues to be left open after the last rider has left. FR512RHR, Last One Out, Lock The Gate, ALWAYS.
DO NOT JUMP OR CLIMB THE ROCKY HILL RANCH or BACK GATE or FENCE if it is locked. Reach out to FR512 through the FR512 Website Contact Us or Facebook Page. If you're intending to ride the trails at RHR as well, you'll need to sign the RHR Waiver at the Pavilion at the RHR entrance, and grab a RHR Day Pass.

Trail Update: Slingshot

November 1st, 2020: The last feature on the Slingshot Trail is new. Look before you Ride!

FR512 Green Chili

Greens & Blues

We're hearing the requests for more GREENS & BLUES. We're working on it. Here are a few to check out:  EZ BAKE, EZ RIDER, GREEN CHILI, SHAKE DOWN.

Ride With Us

Ride With US 2020

Ride With US 2020 video posted. Check it out on the FR512 Channel.


FR512 Membership Card

Fr512 Annual Pass 2020-2021

New Fr512 Annual Passes are here, and a new batch sent out yesterday! If you have signed up for a FR512 Membership the last weeks, your card is on its way. Have a good ride!


New Freeride512 Park Announced

Check out the details for the Freeride 512 at Christ Church of Cedar Park here.

Banshee Bikes

Banshee Bikes teams with FREERIDE512 to grow Freeride in Central Texas!

Banshee Bikes has entered into a Brand Ambassador Partnership with Freeride512 to grow the freeride scene in Central Texas.

Michael Buell, U.S. Sales Mer for Banshee Bikes, stated, "Banshee is excited to partner with FreeRide512. FreeRide512’s community involvement, trail building projects, and efforts to spread the joys of mountain biking to the greater community exemplifies what Banshee looks for in Brand Ambassador Partners. We see FreeRide512 as an important piece of the puzzle to the mountain bike culture in Central Texas, and we are excited to build this partnership for years to come!"

If you didn't already know, Banshee has a killer lineup of shred sleds ranging from DH rigs, 26", 27.5", and 29" trail bikes, and dirt jumpers! Check them out at BansheeBikes.com.